CM Locker Lock Screen

Provides users with a customized lock screen


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CM Locker Lock Screen lets you customize the lock screen and many other aspects of your Android device.

Lock Screen is much more than just a lock screen customizer for Android. It’s part of a suite of tools that make your device more secure and help protect your privacy. This is a sophisticated lock screen that ensures only you access your device. It also provides measures to prevent people from circumventing that protection or to capture additional information when someone tries to pry and fail.

CM also subscribes to the belief that a lock screen should do much more than just lock people out. It should also beautify your device and provide quick access to the general information you use all the time. This app supports HD wallpapers and even has a wallpaper changer module so that you can automatically have a new wallpaper every day. Other modules let you set the lock screen to provide useful information. A weather module, for instance, tells you the forecast right now based on your location as well as over either a five- or ten-day period. A news module serves breaking local news, or you can set it to national or even international news.

Android lock screens are designed to keep your data from prying eyes, but CM Locker Lock Screen does much more than that. When some attempts to unlock your smartphone or tablet and fails, this app takes a selfie of them so you know who it was. You can even configure the app to email that image to you immediately. This is particularly handy if you often leave your Android unattended.


  • Much more than just a lock screen customizer
  • Protects your Android device
  • Takes a photo upon failed unlock


  • None

1. Added App Lock function to protect your photos and chat history!

2. Scan device’s security environment upon initiation, repair all risks with 1-Tap.

If you unable to update, please open the sidebar to tap the "My apps & games" page, and then select the upper left corner of the page "UPDATE ALL".

Potentially dangerous permissions

  • ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Allows an app to access precise location. Alternatively, you might want ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION.
  • CAMERA: Required to be able to access the camera device.
  • GET_ACCOUNTS: Allows access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service.
  • READ_CALL_LOG: Allows an application to read the user's call log.
  • READ_CONTACTS: Allows an application to read the user's contacts data.
  • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Allows an application to read from external storage.
  • READ_PHONE_STATE: Allows read only access to phone state, including the phone number of the device, current cellular network information, the status of any ongoing calls, and a list of any PhoneAccounts registered on the device.
  • READ_SMS: Allows an application to read SMS messages.
  • RECEIVE_SMS: Allows an application to receive SMS messages.
  • WRITE_CALL_LOG: Allows an application to write (but not read) the user's call log data.
  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Allows an application to write to external storage.

Other permissions

  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Allows applications to access information about networks.
  • ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks.
  • BLUETOOTH: Allows applications to connect to paired bluetooth devices.
  • BLUETOOTH_ADMIN: Allows applications to discover and pair bluetooth devices.
  • BROADCAST_STICKY: Allows an application to broadcast sticky intents. These are broadcasts whose data is held by the system after being finished, so that clients can quickly retrieve that data without having to wait for the next broadcast.
  • CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE: Allows applications to change network connectivity state.
  • CHANGE_WIFI_STATE: Allows applications to change Wi-Fi connectivity state.
  • DISABLE_KEYGUARD: Allows applications to disable the keyguard if it is not secure.
  • EXPAND_STATUS_BAR: Allows an application to expand or collapse the status bar.
  • GET_TASKS: This constant was deprecated in API level 21. No longer enforced.
  • INSTALL_SHORTCUT: Allows an application to install a shortcut in Launcher.
  • INTERNET: Allows applications to open network sockets.
  • KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES: Allows an application to call killBackgroundProcesses(String).
  • MEDIA_CONTENT_CONTROL: Allows an application to know what content is playing and control its playback.
  • PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS: Allows an application to collect component usage statistics
  • READ_LOGS: Allows an application to read the low-level system log files.
  • RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting. If you don't request this permission, you will not receive the broadcast at that time. Though holding this permission does not have any security implications, it can have a negative impact on the user experience by increasing the amount of time it takes the system to start and allowing applications to have themselves running without the user being aware of them. As such, you must explicitly declare your use of this facility to make that visible to the user.
  • REORDER_TASKS: Allows an application to change the Z-order of tasks.
  • SET_ALARM: Allows an application to broadcast an Intent to set an alarm for the user.
  • SET_WALLPAPER: Allows applications to set the wallpaper.
  • SET_WALLPAPER_HINTS: Allows applications to set the wallpaper hints.
  • SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: Allows an app to create windows using the type TYPE_SYSTEM_ALERT, shown on top of all other apps. Very few apps should use this permission; these windows are intended for system-level interaction with the user.
  • UNINSTALL_SHORTCUT: This permission is no longer supported.
  • USE_FINGERPRINT: Allows an app to use fingerprint hardware.
  • VIBRATE: Allows access to the vibrator.
  • WAKE_LOCK: Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
  • WRITE_SETTINGS: Allows an application to read or write the system settings.
  • android.permission.WRITE_SMS
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